< N.C. Los responsables del Libertarian National Socialist Green Party y de la web www.nazi.org han elaborado una lista de partidos nacionalistas en la que no falta -entre otros grupos pintorescos alemanes, ingleses, japoneses o estadounidenses- el ilustre Partido Nacionalista Vasco. Ellos dirán que no han autorizado ese enlace, claro, pero si los responsables del LNSG quieren hacer una buena recopilación de partidos nacionalistas ¿cómo va a faltar el PNV? Más información en: http://www.nazi.org/. About the LNSG The LNSG began when our founding members became dissatisfied with their political options in modern, liberal democratic industrial society. No single party addresses the necessary issues, nor recognizes that modernity itself is the cause of its enduring and pervasive problems. We believe in a resurrection of traditional methods of the pre-Christian past, including naturalism and nationalism, and while these are demonized in our current time, we realize they are necessary to end the decay of our society. We went to your highest learning institutions, studied your greatest thinkers, and are comfortable navigating and succeeding in your society. However, we disagree with its fundamental values: money and the «empowerment» of the individual. The mission of the LNSG is to make healthy changes to a sick system, using the values of the ancients in modern form. While globalism and populism are against nature and Tradition, we turn instead to time-proven methods of leadership, and strip away unnecessary emotion, both «love» and «hate,» to create a rational future for our people.

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